What about the Mothers?

There are countless women and girls who are stuck in lives of forced prostitution and exploitation in Southern Asia. For many of them, because of extreme poverty and social stigmas, there is simply no other CHOICE. But soon, with the help of many generous partners, there will be a way out of a life of degradation and despair for these precious women!

there's no place like a safe home

"Every night these women have to go back to their homes,” the ministry worker told us as we visited their thriving program for prostituted women in the capital city.  In this program, these women receive life skills, vocational training, and teaching about God.  But this is only a daytime program, and these are women of the night.  

This confirmed for us the need for women like this to have a safe place to stay at night.  Many of them are going back to severe home situations which make it difficult for them to break free from prostitution.  

But soon, with the help of many partners, true freedom is in sight.  The Refuge Ministry Center will provide a safe place for these women to live and to heal.  This brand-new initiative will also feature a vocational training center and a counseling center, as well as a faith community. When the daytime activities are over, they won’t have to leave. These precious women can make a clean break from a life of exploitation. Best of all, they will learn of of their purpose in God and how He alone is their REFUGE!