Fighting Human Trafficking with Food


The young woman had been in labor for hours. Soon it would be over. As she pushed down one final time, the pain of her contractions didn’t compare to the mental torture brought on by the choice that lay before her. A few days ago a businessman had approached her about selling her newborn to a local enterprise. Though the man didn’t tell her what kind of business this was, she suspected that he was a brothel owner. But what was she to do? She had no money to buy food for herself or for her new baby.

The thought of selling this little life that had been growing inside her for all this time made her heart sink. But the alternative of facing starvation loomed in her mind like a coming storm. As she looked with sorrow into her new baby’s big eyes, her attendant told the young woman that someone was there to see her.

With her eyes fixed on her little one, she was afraid to look up at the figure standing in the doorway, for fear that the businessman had come to make his deal. But to her great relief, her visitor was a young woman from Thrive. The woman told the new mother that she could receive food from our feeding program, enough food and groceries to feed her and her new baby for an entire year. She would no longer be faced with the awful choice that had been ahead of her. With tears in her eyes, the young mother looked down at her beautiful little girl and said, "Welcome home".

Every day at Thrive, our team combats the horrors of sexual slavery through restorative care and preventative outreach programs.  Our feeding program currently hosts ten mothers and their infants from local slum areas.  In addition, some of these young ladies as well as many others take part in our vocational training program.  In this program, participants are taught to sew, and some have even started their own businesses as a result.  Also, our staff at Thrive conduct many health seminars which provide invaluable information and resources for these precious women and their families.  Best of all, as a result of coming to Thrive, many of these young mothers have heard the Message of Hope.

Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue to bring healing to the hurting in Southern Asia.

*Photos of Thrive provided courtesy of Mical Edstrom