He Was Not a Good Man: Part One of Entering the Story of Hope

Her dad was gone; her brother, too. She had seen far too much death in her short life. Without their protection, as a young girl left all alone with her mother, Brinda* did what all girls must do: she searched for work. Trained as a maid, she worked in her Asian village and later was transferred to a bigger house.

Being a house helper in a police officer’s house felt like a dream come true. But, he was a not a good man. For several months, Brinda’s boss tried to force her to sleep with him. She fought him off and managed to escape…at first. Seeking a friend in another woman, Brinda confided in the officer’s wife about the attempted rapes. Sometimes women can be each other’s worst enemies. 

Now, instead of having someone on her side, Brinda had another battle to face every day in her new work. The police officer continued to demand sex from young Brinda. The more she refused, the more he sought revenge. Telling his wife that their new house maid was not properly fulfilling her role, the officer began to make intentional mistakes to blame on Brinda. Just like a child, he would add salt to the curry for dinner and insist that Brinda had messed up yet again. His tactics worked, and he won his wife over to his dark side.

The lady of the house began to fiercely beat Brinda, thinking she was displeased with her work, and all the while knowing that her husband preferred Brinda and her body. At this point, the police officer began to actively rape Brinda repeatedly. For more than a year, she endured horrific treatment at the hands of both of her employers, her body riddled with scars and bruises that are evident even today.

In a miraculous turn of events, Brinda was able to escape from her abusers. She fled the village, determined to make a new life for herself in the capital city. Immediately she found work at a brick making factory. Within a short span of time, however, she discovered that her new boss was also not a good man. Once again, Brinda found herself being raped by her employer. It seemed that everywhere she went, with everyone she met, she was wanted for only one thing. Her body became more important than her very life, her hopes and dreams, her shredded sense of dignity and honor.

Covered in shame from years of abuse and neglect, Brinda inevitably ran out of options. Demoralized, she entered into a life of prostitution rather than seeking out yet another job that would lead to nowhere.

There are countless women just like Brinda all over Southern Asia. They need a safe place to live and heal today. They need to be set free from shame now. 

Here is how you can make a difference. During the month of April, your tax refund can be turned into a gift of hope as our family seeks to raise $10,000 towards the purchase of facilities to open and launch The Refuge, a holistic ministry approach to exploited and neglected women just like Brinda.

It’s simple, really. 100 people. $100 from a tax refund. New life and hope brought to women just like Brinda. Hope starts here, with you and me. Enter the story of hope today.

*Brinda's name and photo have been withheld to preserve her dignity. All details of her story are otherwise accurate.*

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