Today God Answered

Today I took my little man out to lunch after his doctor's appointment. Together we took a bite out of Hope, and it tasted like a cheeseburger and a lot of answered prayers.

Today our family had a major prayer request. We were desperate for an intervention. We needed to hear from God, to see some progress, and to experience the gentle breeze of Hope once again blowing across our chaos. I was very tempted to keep it to myself because it was personal, because it was raw, because that would've been easier, because ________. 

Our journey into global long-term work these last four years has slowly changed my thought processes; it has remade me. Living and loving overseas has taught (and will continue to teach) me that when I most want to keep things to myself is the very moment that I most need others. When I want to run and hide and carry the weight of it all on my own, then I need to run straight to the all-sufficient arms of God and to the compassionate hearts of His people. When I am tempted to be silent, to still my voice, perhaps that is when God is actually leading me to speak up, to shout it out if I must.

Today I did it. I took the risk. I asked for help. I put it out there. And...

Today, Mel & I received calls, texts, emails, messages, etc. literally from all around the world. Today God answered. Today my friends lifted us up to the One Who could help. Today I made the choice to lay my burden down. Today I saw the Body of Christ in action. Today I saw Hope, and it looked a lot like you!