Praying Our Goodbyes Part 2

For those of you following along with us on this wild transition back to America, this is the next phase of praying through (and breathing through) such a major change. Feelings of unsettledness, discontentment, and waves of confusion are not the exclusive companions of cross-cultural workers. All citizens in God's Kingdom carry a pilgrim's song in their heart. And with that, seasons of unease, unrest, and imbalance inevitably come. A change in our pace and place almost always guarantees a change in our perspective. It's only fitting to move from initial praise now to gratitude.

Would you pray along with us today...?

I give You thanks, God of my journey,
For all that I have learned from the life of Jesus of how to say goodbye,
For those who have always stood near me and given me spiritual energy,
For Your strength on which I can lean and Your grace by which I can grow,
For the desire to continue on, for believing that Your power works through me,
For being able to love so deeply, so tenderly, so truly,
For feeling my poorness, my emptiness,my powerlessness,
For believing that You will care for me in my vulnerability.
— excerpted from "Praying Our Goodbyes" by Joyce Rupp