Praying Our Goodbyes Part 1

This space has been totally silent since we left Asia on June 12. I never intended to go so long without updating our faithful readers and friends, but I haven't caught my breath yet from the race around the globe! So, my words, for now, are few; in fact, today they are not even entirely my own.

Right now, change is the only constant in our lives. Our cross-cultural lives are a series of long hello's and short goodbye's. It's a fine dance with alternating rhythmic steps that actually can leave us breathless and with tired feet most of the time.

For now, I have no eloquent or witty words to enlighten others about what it's like to move back "home", even if it's only for a season. {Those posts will be coming soon, though, so get ready!}  For now, I offer a compilation of simple prayers. Over the next few days, you can pray with us and other cross-cultural workers as this series unfolds.

It's been said that we read to know that we are not alone. So, this honest reflection on grief, loss, and the fragile art of saying goodbye says what I cannot say:

Please read and pray with us today:

I give You praise, God of my journey,
For the power of love, the discovery of friends, the truth of beauty,
For the wonder of growth, the kindling of fidelity, the taste of transformation,
For the miracle of life, the seed of my soul, the gift of becoming,
For the taste of the little dyings which have strengthened me for this moment,
For the mystery of journey, the bends in the road, the pauses that refresh,
For the faith that lies deep enough to permeate discouragement and anxiety.
— ~excerpted from "Praying Our Goodbyes" by Joyce Rupp