The In-Between Day: An Easter Lesson

Today is Saturday, the in-between day. Good Friday is behind us now. We have felt in our souls the horrific suffering of our Beloved Savior. Now Easter, with its Empty Tomb, lies before us. Today is the day of the not yet, the day of waiting, the day of the in-between.

Good Friday is a somber's knowing our Jesus was beaten, mocked, rejected, forsaken, and actually killed for us. We know of His Sacrifice, and we breathe thanks and exhale grace all the day long. We also know that life is hard, so unbelievably painful at times and flat-out brutal. The suffering continues, our own wounds and torn-up flesh testifying to how we simply are not Home yet.

We know what awaits us on Sunday. Can there be any better news than THE Good News? We long for Resurrection Sunday, the Empty Tomb, our celebration. After the pain, the tears, the trauma of that day, we are ready, desperate actually, for another day. To shout out loud, "He's Alive!" And to know we are still alive, too.

So, what do we do with Saturday? It was finished on Good Friday. Easter Sunday's on the way. What do we do with the middle, the seemingly lost time in between?

Perhaps this day holds far more significance than we realize. It is on this day, in this season, in this time of fear, frustration, and all of the unknowns, that we ready ourselves for new life, for a second chance, for the bringing back to life of all those things that were once dead and gone.

On this in-between day, let us not despise the waiting, the hiding, the wondering of what will come next. If you, like me, find yourself in a place of "not yet", hold on. Don't rush. This time between what once was and what will ultimately be is necessary, so very necessary. It is here, right here exactly, where He will bring new life, where He is making all things new, including us.

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