Do We Really Care About the Children?

It wasn't just World Vision and the whip lash effect of its policies. Sure, the outrage and strong emotional ploys on each side brought it to the light this week, but this scenario has been playing out for a long time. Where did we get turned around in to thinking that in order to do good works, to possess good theology and good truth, that the only Truth, the Only Way, would have to fall by the wayside?

I've lost count of the bloggers, humanitarian workers, philanthropists, etc. who have all started singing the same song: "Just love them. Don't try to change too much. Just love them. They will know you love God just by being kind. And that will be enough." We have become duped in to thinking that some day some one will ask us to explain why we are doing our good works, why we care about helping the hurting, why we want to see the suffering end. And then...then...we will rejoice because we will finally be able to tell them; we will finally be able to use our words. 

I am weary, weary down to my marrow, of hearing the phrase "if necessary, use words." Isn't it always necessary to use our words? To affect change? To do what God has called us to do? We must speak always of the very One Who is the Word Incarnate.

Jesus said that we should offer a cup of cold water in His Name. Most people, from most religions, from most backgrounds, would agree and advocate for passing out that cold water. To the orphans. To the widows. To the harassed. To the ones without...what we in the West seem to have in abundance. And that's where most will want to stop.

But what about offering that water up in His Name? Isn't that the whole point? We have become so afraid of doing our good works in His Name, of pointing to Him, of risking offending others in the Name of Truth. Why? Why are we afraid to speak love, in unity, in boldness, in faith?

Rice in the belly of a starving child, or a man, or a woman is a good thing. Hear me is a very good thing. But Bread for the soul, along with that rice, is even better. It is the best. There is no other substitute.

The whole world over is arguing about how to distribute this rice. But what about the Bread of Life? Isn't He more than just an add-on? If we really care about the suffering children, the plight of the oppressed, the heinous acts of inhumanity inflicted on countless precious souls each day...then why are we silent when it comes to alleviating their eternal suffering as well?! 

If we really care about feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, then we will not stop at the outward solution. We will offer up the Bread and Water that will always satisfy. We will enthrone them with the One Who gives His Robes of Righteousness as well.

Rice in the gut is a good thing. But what good is that rice when the soul is starving, rotting for Eternal Nourishment?

My dear friends, please continue to act on behalf of the poor, the powerless, the broken. Please continue feeding empty bellies and clothing frail, bloodied bodies. But please don't stop there. Please don't wonder for a second if it will be necessary for you to also speak Truth in the process. It is. It absolutely is. 

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