Dreaming Big: An Invitation of Sorts

164 Million People. That’s how many people call our country home. The capital city, where we live, is teeming with over fifteen million, and statistics say that that number is growing by 10,000 every week, as many who live in rural areas are coming to the city. Of these millions, less than one third of one percent call themselves followers of Jesus.

So, can a family of four make a difference in a nation of so many? We’re dreaming big for Southern Asia, and we want you to join us!

We’re dreaming of a trained and equipped national Body.  Less than half of the congregations or outstations within our organization here have a national leader, and many of them lack extensive theological training. We’re involved in our local Bible school, and we’re about to play a part in a translation project to see this dream realized. 

We’re dreaming of freedom for those in sexual slavery. Regarding human-trafficking, this country is known as a ‘Source Country,’ meaning that many women and children originally from here are trafficked to other, often more wealthy, nations. In February of this year, we helped open Akhi’s Place. In the future we hope to open a repatriation home in the capital city. This home will provide the means for local women who have been trafficked to other nations and subsequently rescued to reintegrate into their homeland.

We’re dreaming of teams. The door to Southern Asia is open. Could you see yourself or your team teaching English to children from the slums, teaching a Bible class to aspiring leaders, conducting a children’s camp in an orphanage, sharing the Message of Hope in a local assembly, or doing construction projects like designing rooftop gardens? If so, consider this your invitation!

Join us in dreaming big for Southern Asia.

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