What If One Day Is Now?

“One day we hope to”…the words still ring in our ears. Words prayed over, words cried over, words laughed over, not just during itineration, but for many years prior. Words sown inside, words believed deep down, words that require constant commitment, both ours and yours.

One day we hope to…tell the Story to untold millions who remain untold.

One day we hope to…see a safe home established for human trafficking victims.

One day we hope to…witness women and children brought out of sexual slavery into true Freedom.

One day we hope to…make an eternal difference.

After four and a half months of being caught up in the fast and furious work on the ground, we have one pressing thought. One day has come. One day is NOW.

Recently while drinking tea with a local brother, we caught a glimpse of his heart for his country. With passion and vigor, he shared his work in the villages and remarked that Southern Asia was full, full of seeds to be sown and full of crops to be harvested. The next thing he said left us with chills and in tears. Southern Asia is full of potential, but the laborers are still in the barns. The barns are full, but the fields are not. For Abraham*, his “one day” had become “today”.

The opportunities to share Hope abound. The safe house, Akhi’s Place, as an affiliated site of Project Rescue, is in its final days of preparation before opening its doors. Women and children are on the cusp of Divine rescue and intervention. And the eternal difference? “One day we hope to” has definitely transformed into “today is the day”.

Thank you for hoping with us, day by day, through your faithful prayers and through your sacrificial giving.

*Name has been changed*

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