The Biggest Offering We Ever Received

I met her after church last Sunday. She explained that her disability check would not arrive for a few more weeks. And still, how could she support our work?

As I was packing up to leave, she rushed in to tell me her son had found some money under the front seat of their car. She placed a roll of pennies and five loose coins in my hand. Literally every cent she had.

In that moment, I knew this was to be remembered. I could hardly contain my tears as I realized we had never received such a tremendous offering. Though it appeared that she had nothing to offer, she could still give. She gave all she had. Everything...for the sake of the Call.

Those pennies rolled around in my hand for a while. I thought of how many times I have been quick to give something and then not even miss it because I still held so much in my own possession. This precious woman had nothing by the world's standards, yet she gave it all away. I wonder what the true value of those coins are. Only Heaven can reveal that.

I want to remember this woman...her faith...her sacrifice...her offering. I want to always say to my King: "I give you my nothing. I give you my something. I give you my everything." It really is true: we can only keep what we freely give away.

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