Offering Up the Bread and the Water

We saw him today as we were exiting the interstate. The familiar sign was right before us:

Hungry. Please help. God bless you.

In a split second decision, I rolled my window down and asked him "What would you like to eat?" I told him we'd be right back with some food, and his only reply was "thank you...take care of those kids."

I was not prepared for what happened next. My four year old son asked me a very hard question:

 "Why is that man hungry?" Why, indeed! 

In a precious teachable moment for our kids, their Daddy and I explained (as best as we could in our frail humanity) how there are many hurting people in our moms and dads and little kids lack so many things that we have in the Lord has commissioned us to help and tell of His great this is one of many reasons why we are moving to Southern Asia. 

Just as we had promised, we returned with the requested fish sandwich, some Powerade to help in the sweltering heat, and almost all of the contents of our kids' snack bag. After praying with the gentleman and telling him how much God truly does love him, his only reply sounded strangely familiar:

"thank you...take care of those kids." 

As I drove away, with tears still fresh on my face, my mind turned to precious Words from the One we strive to follow:

"For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink..." I immediately thought of the 300,000 street children of a strategic city in Southern Asia, of those whose faces are calling us daily to come over and help them on the other side of the world. I thought of how saddened I was by my little boy's question, and of how important my answer truly was. 

I couldn't do everything to help that man on the side of the road today. He needs more than I could ever give. BUT I could do something. 

With the Body all working together, enough "somethings" will become "everything". And after all, we really do have everything to give...

we can offer the Bread of Life and the Living Water to those around us...across the street and across the sea.