A Street Kid's Worst Fear

We often hear the question in talking to people about our future life in Southern Asia: “Aren’t you afraid?” We’ve certainly had a few wrestling matches with fear over the course of the last fifteen months, and every once in a while, we slip back into the ring. But then I remind myself of three things:

First, this is God’s work. He is more globally minded than I will ever be. We just get to enjoy what He is up to. 

Secondly, He is sovereign. He is in control of everything! And I mean EVERYTHING! There is nothing that we will face overseas or that you will face today that He is not aware of and has a handle on.

Thirdly, and quite possibly the hardest Biblical pill to swallow, nothing will separate me from the love of Christ: not life, or death, or trouble, or persecution. NOTHING. So, even in trouble, even if my worst fears are realized, I still have the love of Christ.

The capital city we're moving to is home to over 300,000 street children. These children live life on the streets without any supervision or provision, some caring for younger siblings at age four or five. 

When one of these street kids was asked what his greatest fear was, his reply was not that he would be without food on a particular day, or that he would be awakened in the middle of the night with police clubs to his ankles for sleeping on the wrong sidewalk. No, his greatest fear was that he and his friends would be taken by traffickers and forced to work in the brothels.

My fears seem to melt away in comparison. But fear is paralyzing, whether it’s the day to day fears that I face or the life and death fears of a child on the streets of Southern Asia

And soon, we will be there, and able to tell others about the One who takes our fears and crushes them underfoot. About the One who said, “you do not need to worry (or fear) about tomorrow.” The One who said, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavily burdened, and I will give you rest.”

* Photos courtesy of Lloyd Smith

* Photos courtesy of Lloyd Smith