Finding Faith in February

*Photo courtesy of CaRanda Thiessen

*Photo courtesy of CaRanda Thiessen

We know, we know...we are halfway through March. Our calendars are current; spring is in the air, so why are we writing about last month? Some things are so good, so profound, so mysterious that they take a while to ingest. February was like that for us. 

To backtrack for a moment, we are in full-throttle itineration mode. We have been pushing full-steam ahead for close to a year now. At the beginning of this year, we knew that we needed to really take some time and earnestly seek the Lord.  As the result of a major illness, we had to cancel several speaking engagements, ones that were sure to boost our budget and help us reach our goals of being fully funded.

So, that was how we entered February: in need of a miracle, all the while fasting, praying, and believing that one was indeed possible. We still had a few gaps in our travel schedule for the month, but we sensed God leading us into a deeper level of trust and faith in Him. With that thought in mind, we packed up, left our home for the entire month, and traveled to Lousiana and Texas to reconnect with awesome friends and family.

The Lord absolutely blew our minds during this time! While we had the lowest number of speaking engagements ever on our calendar, we saw the highest boost to our monthly support budget. Coincidence? We don't think so...

You see, when the Lord calls us to a life of faith, that is what He looks for. Faith. Not faith in our abilities. Not faith in our schedules. Not faith in our own strength or logic. Faith in Him and His unfailing Word.

Not only were our budget goals met in February, but children on the other side of the world were greatly impacted by God's great provision (and the partnership of His people). Some funds were sent our way to purchase a computer for a rescue home in Southern Asia (Akhi's Place). This home will allow at-risk children from an exploited background to have hope for a better life. Plans to purchase another computer are already underway.

Last month, we looked at our calendar. We looked at our budget. We looked at what we lacked. God looked at our faith. God looked at His people. God looked beyond us.

Currently, we are only 30% away from being fully funded and on an airplane to Southern Asia. Our itineration journey is wrapping up as we prepare for our life-long assignment. Rest assured, for every step of this journey and the ones to come, we will be walking by faith and in faith. After all, it's the only way to walk.