Top Ten Signs You've Been Itinerating for a While

10) You know which McDonald's have playgrounds, and more importantly, which ones don't.
9) Your children, on the rare occasion that they wake up in their own beds, ask: "Where are we going today?"
8) You pick your gas stations based on their bathrooms.
7) You only unpack your suitcases long enough to do laundry.
6) Your children sleep in their carseats more than they do in their rooms.
5) The aforementioned children can recognize the logo for every fast food restaurant known to man.
4) The question you hear a thousand times a day is: "Are we sleeping in a hotel or at home?"
3) Your purse, diaper bag, and every suitcase stays well stocked with "the pink stuff".
2) If you are only traveling for 200 miles or less in any given day, you consider that a short trip.
1) You've never had a fuller calendar, needed so much coffee on a daily basis, or loved what you're doing as much as right now.