Our Desire for Asia Is Infectious!

The Rogers family has been on the road now for about six weeks raising our prayer and financial support to get to Southern Asia. Our kids are adjusting to eating and napping in the car. We are truly loving itineration! We have been so blessed by all the wonderful welcomes and generosity we have received! As we faced some health issues for most of the month of May, we were overwhelmed and humbled by your outpouring of love, support, and prayers. We are encouraged in knowing that the same GOD who meets our needs HERE, and the same wonderful people who pray for us HERE will be doing the same when we get THERE!

Now, in about a week and a half, we will load up our trusty SUV and head to Springfield for extensive training at Headquarters. We look forward to this time of preparation as it gets us one giant step closer to boarding that plane next summer!

*Brief Recap of the Bizarre Illness (in case you missed last month's post):

After a sudden illness that caused a very high fever of 107.6 , Mel was rushed to the hospital on May 8th with blood poisoning & a severe infection in his leg. While he was in the hospital for 9 days, Jillian was taken to the ER for heart palpitations. In the process, Gary & Joelle enjoyed many picnics in the hospital & extended time with our family & friends. Mel is now officially on the mend. GOD is our HEALER!