The Year in Review

*Photo courtesy of CaRanda Thiessen

*Photo courtesy of CaRanda Thiessen

The sorting has begun. Whether it's our kids' toys, our halfway set-up Christmas decorations, or our beloved collection of books, one thought remains the same. Which ones will accompany us on THE plane ride this upcoming summer? As we remember the blessings of 2010, we do so with the incredible realization that, Lord-willing, we will only be in the States for less than seven more months!!!

Here are some stats that typically don't make it into your average Year's End Recap:

75-the number of church services we have spoken in since April, sharing about our assignment and how others can partner with us

21,899-the number of miles we have driven so far in our itineration

53-the percentage of our monthly pledge support budget that has been raised

300,000-the number of street children living without hope in a Southern Asian capital city

27,000,000-the staggering number of worldwide trafficking victims 

3,500-the number of U.S. dollars we still need in monthly pledges before we can go to the field

1-all that it takes to make a difference...1 more person... praying for us and partnering with us

As we say goodbye to a wonderful year, we are looking ahead with excitement and hope. We know that 2011 is THE year: the year of our big move overseas, the year of teary goodbyes, the year of stepping into many unknowns, the year of the favor of the Lord, the year to dream and believe, the year to make a difference. We go now in God's great grace.