The Three F's of Itineration

Itineration, the process of speaking before churches, groups, and individuals to raise prayer and financial support for overseas work, can be a great blessing to a global worker.  While our experience involves eating fast food and sleeping away from home more than we could have ever imagined, we have come to appreciate the deeper side of McDonald's and hotel living. 

Itineration is definitely a faith-building time for us.  There have been many church services where specific things have been spoken over us that pertained to exactly what we were facing at the time. During one Sunday service, an individual spoke a timely word to Jillian about an issue that had been heavily on her mind even the night before.  Additionally, many encouraging words have come our way concerning our future ministry in Southern Asia. Our faith is truly stretched and grown daily.

We have made so many new friends on the itineration trail.  Our time spent with pastors, churches, and individuals has been a wellspring of encouragement to us throughout this season.  We truly cannot do this alone, and we're so thankful for the many friends God has blessed us with on this journey.  If there was one word that encapsulates the whole reason for itineration, it would be this:  RELATIONSHIP. Even Gary and Joelle are understanding this as they share special memories along the way through music lessons, baking cookies, and watching football with those we now consider such dear friends.

Lastly, it goes without saying that itineration has a lot do to with raising funds.  And there is an interesting tension here, because, though we work with all of our hearts to book services, send newsletters, write thank-you notes, and a host of other things, we know that it is God who meets our every need.  Every month, it is our goal to see $500 in new monthly commitments added to our account, and every month thus far, we have seen that goal met.  Sometimes it comes in on the last day of the month, as it did in September, but God is always right on time!  We are continually amazed at God's faithful provision as He orchestrates our steps and gives us divine appointments for sharing our burden for Southern Asia.

We are thankful for this season of itineration.  Though we are ready to be in Southern Asia now, we will be so much more prepared for cross-cultural life having walked through this blessed time. So, for the next six months or so, we will continue to raise faith, friends, and funds for the work God has for us. Thank you for traveling with us on the road to Southern Asia.