What Does Freedom Look Like?

Akhi's Place is strategically located near the slums and brothels of a Southern Asia city where many women are being exploited for sex trafficking. There are also many children living in these brothels. Now, with the help of many supporters, Akhi's Place has the capacity to house twelve children from these nearby brothels. Every day, these girls receive a quality education, healthy meals, and full-time care from nurturing professionals.

Rani's Story

We found her sitting alone on a busy street corner. Her mother entertained customers in a nearby hotel, just beyond her reach. She was simply passing her time, waiting for another day to end. Having never attended school, she was left to fend for herself until it was time to return to the dilapidated bamboo shack with a parched tin roof she called her home. The tiny one room hut, supported by lean bamboo stilts and leaves, provided her only shelter against the grueling heat and tropical rains. Once inside, sitting on the mud floor, she hoped for a simple meal of scraps that her grandmother had scrounged together. Life for Rani was anything but kind.

By the grace of God and the generosity of His people, Rani has a different story today. As one of our girls at Akhi's Place, every single day she is able to eat three nutritious meals, attend a good school, and enjoy life in the safety and security of her new home. And best of all, she is able to partake of the Bread of Life.

Rani once went hungry. Now she exclaims, "I can't believe all this food is for me!" Rani once knew no joy in simple childhood things. Now she beams, "do I really get to play with all these toys?" Rani's story could have had a different ending, much like her own mother trapped in the horrors and despair of slavery in Southern Asia's brothels. We praise the One Who brings us out of darkness into His marvelous Light!

How Much Does It Cost to Keep a Girl out of a Brothel?

For just $80 per month, all basic needs are met for one of the girls at Akhi's Place. This includes all of her shelter, food, school costs, living expenses, and medical care.

Becoming a supporter of akhi's place

Akhi's Place operates solely on generous donations. Becoming an Akhi's Place supporter is as easy as determining which level of care you wish to provide for one of these precious girls.

  • The Guardian ($80/month): The Guardian provides for all the basic needs for one girl.
  • The Coach ($30/month): The Coach provides for all of the educational needs for one girl.
  • The Chef ($25/month): The Chef provides three meals, including snacks, for one girl.

The Guardian

For $80 per month, you can supply all of the shelter, food, clothing, educational, and physical needs of one girl at Akhi's Place.

The Coach

For $30 per month, you can provide for one girl's educational needs. This includes admission and exam fees, study materials, and even savings for college!

The Chef

For $25 per month, you can supply one girl with three nutritious meals and snacks each day.